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How To Order

1. Select a product category from the online catalog and click the item number.

2. Scroll down to see our selection of styles. Select the pre-formatted style that most closely resembles the way you want your custom product to look. We’ll fill in custom copy momentarily. Styles are listed in order by the number of copy lines.

3. Select the QUANTITY, choose Yes if you want a Logo, and then click on the SHOPPING CARTIf you prefer to design your own product from start to finish, select the last style shown “00” or “000”. Design elements you can control include font, size, style, line spacing, etc.

4. Enter the text in the box (s) displayed and click PREVIEW to see how the finished product will be manufactured.

If your text does not fit a message appears “YOUR TEXT IS TOO LARGE”. To remedy this situation you have several choices.

  • Reduce the number of characters. Retype your copy and click PREVIEW.

  • Choose another style. Hit the BACK button in your browser until the selection of styles appears.

  • Choose a larger stamp. Click CATALOG on the left side of the screen to choose a bigger size.

  • Click the BACK button on your browser until the selection of styles appears. Select style “000”, which enables you to design your own style. With this option you can reduce the font size to your own preference.

5. After your adjustments are made click PREVIEW again. If you are pleased with the result click ADD TO CART. Please be sure to proof your work, as we are unable to make changes once your order is placed.


Xstamper Lifetime Guarantee

Shachihata Inc. (USA) guarantees Custom-made Xstamper stamps against defects in workmanship and materials under normal usage, with proper care and re-inking, for as long as you own your stamp. Shachihata shall not be liable for any defects or damage caused by the use of refill inks other than the Xstamper Refill Ink. In the event defects should occur, we will repair or replace the defective stamp with a stamp of identical size and impression without charge within 10 days of receipt of the defective stamp.

ClassiX & Xecutives Product Warranty

Shachihata Inc. (USA) warranties all ClassiX and Xecutives products against defects during usual and reasonable use for a period of one (1) year. In the event that a defect occurs during said period, the sole liability of the company shall be to replace the defective product.